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I want to be the Light that Motivate and Inspire you!

Success can be duplicate! As 3 consecutive years TOT. I want to share and guide you to follow my success footsteps. 


Agnes Lim

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To be always positive and happy is the key to move forward. I must always set challenges to myself and the team. I believe working alongside with my guys in the battlefield is always the best way to stay relevant. The team and I will sit down together, we will do goals setting. We will revisit them very often and make sure everyone are on track to the goal that they have set. The positive vibes we have as a team is very important. 

In the year 2022, I achieved the Top Rookie Manager and I am so proud that my team achieved the Top MDRT unit in the company. Nothing beat the joy to see 90% of my teammates going up to stage to receive awards together.

I always believe success can be duplicate with the right method, right coach and right mentor.

There is no secret to success but only hard work and right mentorship.

Currently I am leading The Top MDRT Unit. In my team, I have 2 TOT members including myself, 1 COT and 2 MDRT.

I am also an active grassroots leader in community services, holding multiple key appointments in various groups. At the same time very involve with several good business network. I am also a proud mother of 4!


  • 2022 Top MDRT Unit

  • 2022 Top Rookie Financial Services Manager 

  • Top of the Table Member 2022

  • Top of the Table Member 2021

  • Top of the Table Member 2020

  • 2019 Top Rookie Financial Planner

  • 2019 Top 3 High Net Worth Adviser

Agnes Career Talk highlights

Agnes Career Talk highlights

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Agnes TOP MDRT Unit, TOP Unit Rookie 2022

Agnes TOP MDRT Unit, TOP Unit Rookie 2022

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