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Always looking out for you and your loved ones!

Growing up, I learned about how to handle money from my parents. Through them, I was taught to be frugal and followed their ways of managing finances.

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Carol See

It was a natural progression to start working in a Financial Institution after graduation since I developed a strong interest in finance, and this job lasted me 10 years. My turning point came after I gave birth to my firstborn. Being the main caregiver, I left my corporate job to look after my baby. For months without any income, I still had bills to pay and a housing loan to service. I was afraid to fall sick because my existing policies (back then) covered the bare minimum and were dated. Watching my savings account depleting sent shivers down my spine. From that point onward, I knew I needed financial planning and if something unforeseen happened to me, I would never want my family to feel helpless (financially). 


In 2018, I met Mervin Huang and under his mentorship in another company, I became a Financial Planner and never looked back since. I first started planning and building a financial portfolio for myself and my family, and over time my client base grew. I seek growth and for this reason, I embarked on a new journey alongside Mervin Huang and Agnes Lim who founded MHG in 2021.


Fast forward today, I have achieved Court of the Table 2022 (top 3% in the financial planning business). Credit goes to my family, clients, friends, director, mentor and team members who supported me to where I am now.


On a personal note, I love my craft and my role as a financial planner. It is a career I am truly proud of, and not just a job. Driven by passion and purpose, I aim to make a difference in people’s lives, even if it’s just a little bit. To further contribute my knowledge and insights based on my personal experience and conversations with people from all walks of life, I created my own channel on YouTube call “Conversations with Carol #cwc”, hopefully to also educate my 2 kids who are avid YouTube fans on how to manage and what to do with their money. Additionally, feel free to reach me on other social media platforms like facebook and Instagram. I’ll be happy to connect!


With MHG, I am truly thankful for the opportunities to educate and show people how they can plan, invest and structure their financial portfolio to achieve their financial goals. You can count on me and MHG to pave the way for your financial future.


  • 2022 Court of the Table Member

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