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To lead by example and be a positive influence to everyone, nurture the young and create a kind and helpful society!

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Darryl Yong

I wish to manage as many people's finances as possible and be a valuable asset to my company. Hope to educate the young about financial freedom and independence.

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A mid-career switcher who was an actor and media personality for a good 12 years. My passion for finance started in 2015 when I did my research on financial freedom and the need for financial knowledge. Made the switch in 2022 after harnessing enough investing experience

and knowledge. I wish to impart my financial experience and knowledge on to the younger generation. My hobbies and interest are basketball, badminton, running and travelling.

MHG is a place that allows you to grow. It is a place where the individual is able to explore his strengths and showcase them; with a family-first culture where mental and physical welfare are taken care of.  

The leaders are well-experienced and have proven accolades of top standard, making it the best place to be in the finance industry. 

I aim to do my best and end 2022 with good results!

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  • Champion of FastPACE Rookie challenge

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