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Make it easier by working harder for everyone!


Its all about providing values to your team! I want to work hard to help you achieve your goals!

Mervin Huang

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I was taught from young to work hard and good things will come to you. Just do and don’t complain. For if you give, you will get.

In my tertiary years, I always ask myself am I doing the courses that make sense. In my early adult years, i asked myself is my job making sense. I am glad that i don't complain, just do or work. I know I must do my best in every situation.

Of course there is always a calling. You will understand that improvement has no boundary. Each stages in life is just to prepare you for the next. When you look back, everything is connected.

The promises you gave yourself and others. The possibilities that will unveil in your life, depend on you.

In MHG we want your family members to be proud of you. A bold statement but I will help you work toward it.

Every success come with sacrifice, I know you have worked hard. Only you will understand the true meaning behind your glory. But take this time now to feel it. Bring this back home, share your success with your love ones!

Congratulations to our fellow MHG members. You are the light, the beacon. Your success is definitely the best booster I need to make this place better!


  • 2022 Top Rookie Financial Services Director 

  • 2022 Top MDRT Unit

  • 2021 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2020 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2019 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2018 Million Dollar Round Table Member

Mervin Huang 2022 TOP FSD Rookie

Mervin Huang 2022 TOP FSD Rookie

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