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I am a very self-motivated individual and I will always want to maximise my time daily. I am a father of 5 children and my life goals is to be fervent in God’s works and word, and to be a loving husband to my wife and father to my children.

Mervyn Hoe

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From Primary school to University, I did not receive any medals or special accolades for my studies as well as my co-curriculum activities. I was just a mediocre student who was eligible to go to Junior College (where I met my wife) and continued a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Material Science).

I had a passion to help people. Thus, in my University days, I volunteered to mentor students in student care centres. I was very active in organising volunteering activities such as Paint-A-Home, Grant-A-wish for children, visitation to elderly people for house cleaning etc. In my 2nd year as an undergraduate, I took on the post as a Project Director and I needed sponsors. A financial institution came forward of $500 sponsorship and in the seminar talk, I just wrote down my name, just to make up for the statistics. I talked to the manager and told him that I was only interested in Pet insurance and nothing else. Coincidentally, that very week, my fellow volunteer approached me for career talk to be a financial adviser in Great Eastern. There was nothing to lose and hence, I decided to take the exams and there was no turning back.

I was there for a month and left to Prudential Assurance as I wanted to do cold market. And I was there for 9 years, achieving MDRT accolades year after year since my third year in the industry. Later, I moved on to Manulife Financial Advisers and achieved Court of the Table (COT) and also became an Assistant Vice President. After 5 years, I headed to AXA as I needed a dynamic mentor to guide me in my business as well to better manage my clients. Hence I chose MHG and I achieved my highest milestone ever, Top of the Table (TOT).

I love to cook and I can easily whip up 4 dishes within 20 minutes for the family before dashing out for appointments. I love to jog, swim and cycle. Going to the beach with my family is the best thing ever as I feel nature is the best place to unwind.

I chanced upon MHG when I was in Manulife Financial Advisers in 2019. I was very amazed to see that their team was so dynamic, grooming 3 TOT agents that very year, whereby I only achieved COT through my own hard work. I was curious. Hence I personally Messenger Mervin Huang. I did not know what it will bring me, but I just messaged him. I met him up with Agnes and talked to them, what they can provide and how they can groom such successful agents. They are very focused and client centric, and they have 4 children (similar to me!) I only have one criteria to ask them - to groom me to TOT. With the step of faith, I made the move over and achieved it in December 2021!

I realized that it takes a concerted effort for one to excel in your business. Mervin Huang has set up MHG, to serve and put clients first. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he is unlike my past employers, who is dynamic and that motivates me to go further in my career. Just like an eagle, one has to adapt to changes to grow. When an eagle grows to 30 years old - its beak will curve, its claws will curve, and the feathers will be too heavy for it to fly. It has to change its beak, claws and feathers to grow and extend its life. Likewise for myself, MHG is the vehicle for me to change and to enhance my work processes. It is a great place to fine tune and to be mentored by Mervin Huang and Agnes Lim. With such a positive environment, it allows me to grow and to even better value add my clients and my future team members.

I am very motivated to keep my high standards for my clients and it is achieved through MHG. I want to achieve Top of the Table yearly!


  • 2022 Top Financial Planner

  • 2022 Top of the Table Member

  • MDRT Life Member

  • 2020-2021 Court of the Table Member

  • 2012-2019 Million Dollar Round Table Member

Mervyn Hoe Top FP 2022

Mervyn Hoe Top FP 2022

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