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Together we can turn opportunities into possibilities!

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To always stay true to myself in whatever I do. To be able to be a dependable friend or advisor to the people around. 

Samuel Wong

To achieve personal financial freedom so that I can share the journey and strategies with others. I want to work for my clients and friends and not because I have to, but because I want to and I enjoy doing it. To always improve yearly so that I can always uphold the highest standards. In doing so, helping and teaching my clients and friends from all walks of life to achieve their financial goals in life. 

I came from an audit background and decided to enter the financial industry back in 2010. Joined a local bank and started my financial advising career. I had to start from the basic and learned how to manage and advise clients on their portfolios and other financial matters. After years of persistence, never give up spirit and the most important, the genuine and sincere approach led my clients to trust their financial portfolios to my hands. 

I am an active person. I really like to Gym, running, cycling, golf and anything outdoor!

MHG pride themselves to provide for the people and it truly delivers. MHG provided a platform where advisors are encouraged to share and to be themselves. Skills and mindsets are honestly trained and imparted.  Open communications flows from the top management of MHG to the newly joined advisors. MHG not only provides but also encouraged everyone to participate and share their ideas. MHG believes that together with its people, the journey can be ventured further and better. 

As an advisor myself, there are a few things we will be looking for when we are joining an agency. Renumeration aside, the platform, management direction, communications, willingness to listen to ideas, honesty, transparency, the people, the support just to name a few. These are what you can expect here in MHG. 


  • 2022 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2021 Top of the Table Member

  • 2020 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2019 Million Dollar Round Table Member

  • 2018 Million Dollar Round Table Member

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